BookCore Launch eBook Sales, Review and Ranking Data Web Application for Self-Published Authors

Press release:

BookCoreA new book data tracking service has launched for self published authors and small publishers to automatically collect all of their ebook sales data as well as a wide range of information on their rankings and reviews all in one place. Called BookCore, it is a web application that presents all of the crucial author data in an easy to read way, with everything arranged so that it’s easy to break down.

More information can be found on the BookCore website at: .

The site explains that BookCore can collect all of its data from multiple websites, including the most well known shops like Amazon, iBooks on the Apple store, the Google Play store, and Smashwords. This is beneficial for self published authors, because they don’t have to waste time tracking data down individually, helping to boost their productivity throughout the day.

More sites are soon to be incorporated, including stores like Kobo and Barnes & Noble, making BookCore a powerful online platform for all self published authors, regardless of their field.

Through editing book pages and implementing any number of changes, authors can track the effects by using BookCore. They can see when a change improves sales and if a change has a negative impact, finely following the details of every strategic choice.

BookCore is designed to act as a powerful virtual assistant, automatically and regularly connecting to authors’ Amazon KDP and other platforms to hone in on book sales data, so the author never has to worry about missing something. The site emphasises that all of this, including the clear and accurate presentation of the data, is automatic.

By tracking reviews as well as sales, the program allows writers to see how their fans are reacting to their work by tracking reviews in real time as they come in. If they want to respond to their fans, they can then focus in on where the review came from and click through to the website to write back.

The BookCore site explains that the software is fast and precise, taking only a minute to set up.


BookCoreimageAbout BookCore

Petr Hrachovec started self-publishing e-books and had significant success. But he soon found it almost impossible to track his sales numbers. Marketplaces weren’t really helping. So he developed an Excel spreadsheet to track all sales and rankings manually. It worked and allowed him to do some analysis. But it was an extremely boring repetitive task not to mention extremely time-consuming.

It was at this point that he approached his cousin Vaclav, the owner of a software development company, with a request for help. Together, in last two years, they have developed BookCore. BookCore is a handy tool that takes the guesswork out of self-publishing.

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