Bookbrunch Article by Trevor Dolby – ‘Time to rethink contracts’

Over on BookBrunch, Trevor Dolby has written an article entitled, Time to rethink contracts. It looks at the publishing industry and makes some interesting and witty comparisons with the model of the music industry. He poses the dilemma that we have reached the time of a more equitable contract between author and publisher, with the risks shared in a fairer way.

[…]”Please don’t think that I’m saying that the record industry’sfinancial model was better than publishing’s. Indeed, I think they were probably at opposite extremes. The music industry screwed their talent so much that when the technology changed and it all fell apart there were no allegiances anywhere. That said, what I do think – in common with most of publishing – is that the whole system of publishing advances is threadbare. It’s like the Windows operating system: the programme has been stretched and overwritten so much it is cumbersome and worn out. The fact that it just about “does the job” is why it’s still used.”[…]

You can read the Trevor Dolby’s full article here.

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