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Have you ever thought about the role a book cover design plays in order to make a particular book a bestseller? Book cover designs are quite crucial for attracting the attention of your audience and readers. And yes… there are book covers published which are hated by people! Can you guess why? If you can’t, keep reading. You’re welcome to read this blog post that gives you an insight on the fact. Then you’ll realize what a destructive impact a bad book cover can make on people’s reading experience.

People love reading. When they select a book to read, their first encounter is not with its contents, but with its cover design. It’s the first and foremost experience they have with the book. So, they must fall in love with it in that first glance itself. But, if the cover design does not appeal to the interests of the reader, it cannot promote any sales of the book. So, how the cover design impresses the reader is something very imperative to a book cover designer. If the buyers are not positively impressed by the book cover design, they simply won’t buy it. ‘The cover suggests the quality of the contents.’ People believe it more than anything. So, the cover design directly affects the quality of the book.

In order to avoid such malfunctions, a book cover designer must pay his special attention to the issues discussed in this blog.

Usually, people dislike dated styles and patterns used for the book cover designs. As the world changes in every minute, people too need novel things. Nobody likes stale stuff.   Almost all the books which are known as the world’s best sellers have great cover designs. So, being creative is the best thing a cover designer should do in order to get the book sold in the amount of thousands. Creativity is the best tool to be used in designing book covers which are able to address the hearts of the readers.

People dislike to read the titles in very small print. Unless you are using white space to your advantage with a minimal look. Veteran cover designers are aware of this and print the author’s name and the title of the book in large print. So, they cut a figure among thousands of other books in a store and readers too readily buy them. That’s how their sales increase. As it’s difficult for the readers to see the titles in small print at a distance, such books remain in the book stores for years. Also, some readers come to the book store with book titles already established in the mind and at a glance they select their books. So, the letters should be large enough.

Also, the dislike of the readers is often aimed at the colors of the front cover. They prefer a less number of colors that soothe their eyes. The colors should go with the theme and the tone of the book as well. For instance, if it is a tragic novel, the cover must display that sadness by using pale or dark colors. If it carries a romantic theme, the colors should vary accordingly. But, one thing is evident. The majority likes bright colors. The designer must think wisely in matching colors according to the tone, theme and the desires of the readers.


Readers dislike book covers that are not well planned

Some designers add a lot of photographs here and there. So, the clarity of the cover is lost and it doesn’t make sense to anybody. What would you suggest in this regard? I suppose one large enough picture is ideal for a book cover. Too many pictures disturb the quality of the book and the whole thing will be in a mess. Just use your brain and select what and what not to add in a cover design.


People usually dont like unrealistic cover designs

Instead they prefer authenticity. For instance, if the story in a book is based on a real life incident, readers may prefer to see a picture of the area where it happened. Nowadays, readers want relevance to what they are paying attention to.


People dislike to be treated like morons

Book covers must be created in a way to enable people to think. There must be something that enhances the readers’ thinking. For instance, readers must be given a chance at least to find the relationship between the title and the image. (If there’s any) once readers are engaged, they becomes happy with the cover design. Otherwise they hate it.

Also, they hate the cover designs which are meant as if to display the designer’s creativity. Overuse of imagery or words may be an annoyance to the reader. When designing a book cover, one must pay attention to that too.

People disgust cheap, common cover designs to be seen on their favorite books. They prefer exceptional cover designs to break the monotony of the whole sea of book covers they see in a store. And the movie-based covers may be the most hated ones. Most readers hope to see exceptional facts behind exceptional covers. So, if the designers respect the readers they must think deep before they start up designing.


A bad book cover brings you the worst results

As the readers judge the book by its cover, your book with a bad cover will be thrown away to the garbage can. In fact, nobody will buy it. The first and foremost thing you must do before designing a great book cover is honing your creativity. If you’re not creative nothing would be purposeful. Secondly, you must realize the newest trends related to cover designing. Finally, think of the readership and what they really need. That’s the way to be successful.

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Joshua Jadon is a book cover designer for New York Times and internationally best-selling authors of all genres. In 2013 after attending Central Michigan University for 2 months he decided to drop out and pursue book cover design full-time. Joshua currently operates out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and loves to spend his time working with authors one-on-one creating some pretty stunning covers.

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