Blurb To Publish Book on Friendly Fire Incident in Afghanistan

Blurb, a DIY self-publishing service, has announced the publication of one of its most significant titles ever. From July 29th, Boots on the Ground by Dusk, a book written by Mary Tillman with Narda Zacchino, shares the story of US Army Ranger Pat Tillman’s life and a family’s unrelenting efforts to uncover the truth about his death in Afghanistan after he was killed by his fellow soldiers in a friendly fire incident.

In a controversial and deeply personal memoir, Mary Tillman shares the story of her son Pat Tillman’s life and death. having given up a professional football career, Pat Tillman joined the Army Rangers after 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York. In 2004, Pat was shot and killed in Afghanistan in a friendly fire gun battle. Yet the story told by the government was quite different. Mary documents her family’s crusade to uncover the truth and expose the cover-up of Pat’s death orchestrated by senior military officials.
The Tillman family’s efforts to expose the military-led cover-up that followed Pat tillman’s death, a cover-up the family’s research shows was led by General Stanley McChrystal, is cited in Rolling Stone’s recent piece, ‘The Runaway General.’
Boots on the Ground by Dusk will be released in paperback several weeks before the release on August 20 of the film The Tillman Story, a documentary by acclaimed director Amir Bar-Lev. The film features candid interviews with Pat’s fellow soldiers and his family. It chronicles Pat’s story and reveals startling details about the military’s propaganda machine. The film is narrated by Josh Brolin. The Weinstein Company is distributing the film.
Readers who purchase the book will be supporting The Pat Tillman Foundation. As part of the Blurb for Good program, for every book sold, Blurb will donate $1 to the Foundation, which provides resources and educational support to veterans, active service members and their dependants.
Boots on the Ground by Dusk was first published in hardcover in 2008 by Modern Times, an imprint of Rodale. Leigh Haber, now a consultant for Blurb, edited the hardcover book and helped Mary team up with Blurb for the paperback printing. The literary agent managing the project is Steve Wasserman.

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