Blurb Launches PDF Upload Facility

Blurb have finally made a critical step forward in their development as a DIY self-publishing company. Users can now design and layout their own books and load them up to Blurb’s on line system as PDF’s. This opens up the choice for authors to use programs such as Adobe and Indesign for their book layout and load directly up to the website. I have not done any tests on the new system but wonder if saving and ‘importing’ your file back to your local PC converts it back to the Booksmart file. If not, then Blurb really have taken a huge step forward.

More news when I take a closer look. In the meantime here is the full announcement from Blurb’s site.

“Exciting news – Blurb now accepts PDFs! We think this is some of the biggest Blurb news ever … introducing our new PDF to Book workflow. You can now print a Blurb book using your own PDF, whether it’s from InDesign® or your favorite design tool. You can use our free, downloadable, ready-to-use InDesign® templates or get measurements using our specifications calculator to create a PDF using your own program. Bleeding an image from front to back and over a spine is now possible. Full creative control, like never before. And after uploading your PDF to Book, you’ll experience all the same features Blurb offers whether you’re promoting your book in the bookstore, participating in Set Your Price, or creating Blurb Badges.

We know that accepting PDFs has long been a request from you design pros out there. So, we’d like to extend a big thanks to a lot of the folks in our forums community who helped test the program over the past month – your feedback has been extremely supportive and helpful, and the books you created were amazing.

For our Blurb BookSmart® fans – BookSmart isn’t going anywhere. In fact, we’re already busy working on the next release.

Now, get busy and let us know what you think. We cannot wait to see how far everyone takes their new book designs.


Here is a link to Blurb’s PDF Publishing Guide.

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