– The Coming Adventure

Over the past year the ‘Adventures with Lulu’ articles have drawn some of the widest and most sustained interest from visitors to this site. On a personal basis, they also provided me with plenty of enjoyment and experience of my own self-publishing journey, notwithstanding the fact that they directly led to my last two books, Filigree & Shadow and Academy.

I have been carrying out reviews on this site of many author solution companies who provide authors throughout the world with much needed services and an avenue to see their books published. It is one thing for a reviewer to analyse and compare all these services, but it is far and away a greater and more valid challenge and experience to actually use the services of these companies.

In light of this, and the success of the ‘Adventures with Lulu’ articles, I have decided to focus on with a new series of articles entitled—wait for it…’Adventures with Blurb’! These articles will look at my experiences using Blurb as I re-issue a previously published book of mine, Thais.

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