Bloomsbury Launch Services For Unpublished Authors

Bloomsbury Publishing and the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook have launched a series of writing and guidance services aimed at unpublished authors. The new services will be available online through the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook website at The services are intended to aid and prepare an unpublished author approaching agents and publishers, polishing and improving writing skills and manuscripts, and giving an author an understanding of how publishing works.
The services will be offered as part of four distinct stages of development; Starting Out; Developing Your Talent and Growing as a Writer; Emerging and Selling Your Stories; and Promoting and Publishing. Prices for the various services generally range from just under £100 up to £900.
It should be stressed that the services on offer are not for publication or production of a print or digital book. Product director Eela Devani was quoted in today’s The Bookseller. She described the services as an extension of the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook:

“independent and impartial brand”, adding: “We’ve responded to the needs of the market by creating simple bespoke services to help and support creative spirits from the early stages of the writing process through to the publishing and promoting phase.

“We have spent over 100 years supporting writers and artists with our Yearbook and so this is a natural step for us.”

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