Blackwell Espresso Book Machine For All Print On Demand Books

Blackwell booksellers will take ownership of the latest version of the Espresso Book Machine in April and showcase it at this year’s London Book Fair on April 17th.

Blackwell, who sell academic books, will have the Espresso Book Machine in their Charing Cross store as part of a pilot test commencing on the last week in April. If successful, they plan to introduce machines to other Blackwell stores.

Blackwell’s plan will focus on testing the machine as well as gauging the market and demand for POD produced books. Blackwell recently announced plans to launch the Espresso Book Machine and this is now the first confirmation of a timeline roll-out.

Customers will be able to visit their Charing Cross store and request and pay for the printing of any Print-On-Demand book available for purchase. This will come as excellent news for self-published authors whose books are published through Print-On-Demand databases. Blackwell believe this will present an unlimited selection of books to the general public.

The lastest version of the Espresso Book Machine (EBM), which Blackwell’s will showcase at the London Book Fair next month, can print off a POD book in just three minutes. Customers will also have the benefit of being able to load files from their own discs.

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