Bill Warrington Wins Amazon Breakthrough Novel 2009

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award has been won by Bill Warrington for his novel, Last Chance.

“Long estranged from his children and now faced with Alzheimer’s, Bill Warrington decides that kidnapping April—his belligerent and beguiling 15-year-old granddaughter—is the only way to mend his family (if not his mind). So begins the journey of, James King’s remarkable fiction debut and winner of the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.”

Amazon Blurb

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards is an opportunity for emerging fiction writers to join a community of authors on to showcase their work and compete for a chance to get published. The award is sponsored by publishers, Penguin Group USA, and author solutions company, Createspace. The first award was launched in 2007, with over 5000 enteries reduced to 800, which were read and reviewed by Amazon customers. The resulting 100 semi-finalists were then reduced to the final ten by editors at Penguin and following further reviews, Bill Loehfelm’s Fresh Kills emerged as the 2008 winner.

Bill Warrington will receive a full publishing contract with Penguin to market and distribute Last Chance as a published book as well as a $25,000 advance.

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