Bezos On The Future of Amazon’s Kindle

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos has been speaking about plans to expand the Kindle reader across other ebook formats. Bezos spoke recently at Wired magazine’s ‘Disruptive technology’ conference held in New York and also to the New York Times newspaper.

Recently Amazon released the larger DX device, which supports Adobe PDF, unlike its smaller Kindle sibling. In the New York Times Blog, Bezos, “We are going to give the device team competition. We will make Kindle books, at the same $9.99 price points, available on the iPhone, and other mobile devices and other computing devices.”

Amazon also plans to bring Kindle ebook in line with the $9.99 price available on other devices and is committed to a policy of keeping the Kindle device separate rather than tying the buyer into the purchase of ebook content or monthly subscriptions.

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