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Beyond Here There Be Dragons | Bait ‘n’ Beer:

I contemplated getting into a discussion in the past week about POD as a business model and the way it is used by self-publishing authors, POD publishers, and the wider publishing world (though many of them are uncomfortable admitting they use it for niche titles, ARC’s because of the connotations that go with it), but Don Linn has a piece here which explodes the myth of models of business and shows what it really is all about – not the method, but the profit model.

“Last week on Twitter, my friend Guy LeCharles Gonzalez (@glecharles) suggested, maybe a little in jest, that the official T-Shirt for the 2011 Digital Book World Conference ( should read, ‘WHAT’S YOUR�REVENUE�MODEL?’. I thought it was great, but I responded that I actually thought it should read ‘WHAT’S YOUR�PROFIT�MODEL?’ since, at least for most of us, businesses really aren’t sustainable without earnings to support growth, further investment, and innovation.”

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