Barnes & Noble Set To Enter Ebook Market

Barnes & Noble, the largest bookseller in the USA is set to go head to head with Amazon in the ebook market. The ebookstore launch is set to go ahead later this summer with a standard price rivalling Amazon’s $9.99 marker.

First year sales projections for the retailer are aiming at one million titles and the ebooks will be compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and Blackberry phones as well as Windows and Mac PC’s. There are no plans for the ebooks to be viewed through Amazon’s Kindle or Sony’s Ereader. The launch follows on the heels of Barnes & Noble’s acquisition of Fictionwise, an electronic retailer, and their new partnership with Plastic Logic, a business ebook company. Plastic Logic themselves plan to launch an ereader in 2010 featuring a large screen and touch interface.

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