Barnes & Noble Look To ‘Nook’ The E-Reader Competition

Barnes & Noble will announce the launch of their own e-reader later today at a press conference in Manhattan. The e-reader will be called the Nook. Don’t ask; perhaps Barnes & Noble executives will reveal the reasons why they chose such an odd name for the device.
The e-reader will feature colour touch-screen controls, which can be used as a keypad and browser, and have a price of $259, keeping it competitive with Amazons’s latest Kindle incarnation. The e-reader will provide wireless download and the ability for ebook buyers to lend their digital files to friends. Physically, it looks like an enlarged iPhone. The nook will be available for pre-order from next Tuesday from Barnes & Noble stores as well as a dedicated site,
The Nook looks like it will have a lot going for it, with not only accessibility to Barnes & Noble own online store, but also some degree of access to Google’s own bookstore as well. More details on this should be revealed in the coming weeks. One of the key marketing features will be its ability to allow the user ‘lend’ books and this will be heavily advertised in the forthcoming ad campaign under the slogan, ‘Lend ebooks to friends’. This maybe the smartest weapon Barnes & Noble could have come up with in a highly competitive market of e-reader devices, which includes devices like Amazon’s Kindle, the Sony E-reader, and devices from iRex and the QUE from Plastic Logic.
What will be intriguing is exactly how deeply Barnes & Noble will be able to discount the e-books it makes available, below print editions and against Amazon’s Kindle ebooks. The consensus seems to be that this looks very, very promising for Barnes & Noble, but for God’s sake guys, think about changing the damn name!

The Nook is being promoted by Barnes & Noble as the most compatible e-reader on the market with open Epub and Adobe’s PDF formats supported. Pre-orders will be taken straight away from the Nook website and Barnes & Noble stores for the devices. They will be available at the end of November. You can find the official Barnes & Noble press release here.

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