AuthorHouse On The Double And With Improvements!

Quite why AuthorHouse UK chose to release two separate press releases to highlight recent improvements to their services puzzles me. It would have made far more sense to combine these for what they are worth and emphasis their impact. One press release deals with their website and the other with their publishing packages. Overall, the one which strikes me as the biggest step forward is the improvements to the website.

According to Tim Davies, Managing Director of AuthorHouse UK:

“This new web site is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the publishing experience for all of our authors.”

The new changes make it a little easier to get to the information you want on the site and provides a better depth to the index and services. There is a new ‘Special Savings and Offers’ section with all the latest offers for saving money on publishing their publishing packages, marketing services, and top-rated books. The discounts and special offer promotional codes you often get posted to you in emails are becoming a crucial part of author solution services this year. Times are hard everywhere and many of the leading companies like AuthorHouse, iUniverse and Trafford (all owned by Author Solutions US) are pushing these with blanket marketing month to month. If you are seriously considering using these services then certainly it may be worth the additional spam emails (technically not spam as somewhere along the line you gave these author services your email) if it means getting a promotional code that knocks off $100. Better still keep updated with their websites, though the codes seem to come more often in the marketing emails.
The second press release deals with improvements to their service packages. Here is Tim Davies, MD of AuthorHouse again;

“By adding new paperback and hardback publishing options, we are providing our authors with increased flexibility – which is the primary attraction of self publishing. The offerings allow authors of all genres to publish their books quickly and professionally.”

Their new ‘Basic Paperback’ publishing package at £795 includes the following features:
Professional one-on-one support
Custom full-colour cover
ISBN assignment
Online distribution
Custom interior design
More services if required
The ‘Premium Hardback’ publishing package at £1045 includes the following features:
All of the basic paperback services as well as a personalized back cover and five free hardcover copies, which in keeping with previous older packages by AuthorHouse seems very little for the extra £250 on the basic paperback.

My thoughts on what is now offered in the ‘new’ basic package begs one question. Wasn’t AuthorHouse supposed to be giving their authors all that in the original packages?
Oh, well!

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