Authorhouse – £310,000 advance!

In light of my next posting about what POD published books sell best, I thought the article which appeared in this morning’s Daily Telegraph very interesting. It would appear that POD publisher Authorhouse has paid out author Lorna Page a substancial advance for her novel ‘A Dangerous Weakness’.

A quick check on adds further to this story as the book does not appear in an advance search of Authorhouse’s top 30 titles. The book has been out since last month. It would appear that Ms Page has quite a number of other fictional ‘nursing story’ titles out as far back as 1944! Her publisher list includes, Gresham, Dales, Newton and Linford over the years.

The full Telegraph story is here.

Your thoughts on this very odd story appreciated. There does seem to be something more to this story than at first meets the eye.

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