Author Solutions Purchases POD Publisher Xlibris

Author Solutions, owned by equity investors Bertram Capital, has continued its strategy of development and expansion in the digital print-on-demand publishing world by purchasing Xlibris, a leading publisher in self-publishing services to authors. The purchase was announced yesterday, Thursday, January 8th, by Author Solutions CEO, Kevin Weiss. The purchase figure was not disclosed.

“ASI is pleased to add Xlibris to our industry-leading portfolio of self publishing brands,” said Weiss. “This acquisition solidifies our leadership position and strengthens our ongoing commitment to offer the world’s most comprehensive set of publishing, promotion and book-selling services to authors.”

Author Solutions acquired iUniverse in September 2007 to add to AuthorHouse, Wordclay and Inkubook. This expands Author Solutions output to some 100,000 titles and includes 70,000+ authors. In real terms, this represents about 5% of all new titles going into distribution this year. This further strengthens their position on rival POD publisher Lulu Enterprises.

According to Keith Ogorek of Author Solutions, “business remains strong”. The months of November and December 2008 were record months for POD publisher AuthorHouse.

John Feldcamp, who founded Xlibris in 1997, will remain with the company.

Although I don’t believe Author Solutions’ recent commercial acquisitions over the past 18 months are driven by the current global recession, I do believe that the continued recession may lead us to see some of ASI’s rivals consider some form of mergers and acquisitions with other POD publishers and author service providers. Certainly, this will not be the last acquisition by ASI.

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