Author Solutions CEO Throws Down The Gauntlet To Opposition

Kevin Weiss, CEO of Author Solutions, has thrown down the gauntlet in the self-publishing debate and challenged the three author guilds who have opposed and questioned the strategy of his company to develop partnership programs with some of the USA’s top trade publishing houses. Weiss, again chose the format of Youtube video (below) to request the Murder Mystery Writers, Romance Writers and Science Fiction Writers of America to ‘engage in debate’ directly with him and Author Solutions.

“I’m inviting the three writers’ guilds who’ve expressed the greatest objections with the partnerships we’ve established with traditional publishing to sit down with us and discuss how we can improve the opportunity for their writers and the choice for readers,” Weiss says. The video ends with the following words flashed across the screen: “First film. Then music. Now publishing. The next indie revolution.”

Last year, in the space of a few short weeks, Thomas Nelson and Harlequin announced partnerships with Author Solutions to administer and run self-publishing imprints for the publishing houses. In traditional publishing circles, particularly with published authors and guild bodies, the news was greeted with utter dismay, and resulted in varying sanctions, from de-listing, withdrawal of benefits for the publishers, and even suggestions that authors with signed contracts with Harlequin would face difficulties if their agents decided to blacklist Harlequin entirely.
While I am not an advocate for some of the companies under the Author Solutions umbrella – AuthorHouse, Xlibris, Trafford, iUniverse – the fact remains they are the leading powerhouse in services for self-publishing authors, and they time has long passed when the publishing industry as a whole can continue to ignore the elephant in the room. Authors who choose to pay a company for publishing service are as much a part of the publishing fraternity as any author who is published by the largest publishing house. The quality and legitimacy of a book and the author who chooses to pay a fee to see that book published has become too much of a side-issue in this debate.
Weiss was right to point out in his Youtube address that much of the lead in publishing innovation has emanated from the self-published ranks, be that ebook pricing, viral marketing techniques, low cost set-up, and far wider choice of content. I have never be afraid of debate and neither should the publishing industry. It is time the shield of elitism was discarded by the mainstream industry and they accepted the unwelcome guest in the room.
Ultimately, whatever the broader industry feels about paid publishing services – you can only change and make better what you are a part of.
Here is the Youtube address by Weiss of Author Solutions and the ASI press release.

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