Author Solutions Announces Distribution Deal With Scribd

Author Solutions (ASI) has announced a distribution deal with social publishing site Scribd. The deal will only include new titles published through ASI’s author service brands AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Xlibris and Trafford Publishing, as well as a limited selection of their back catalogues. Authors who have their books made available on Scribd’s online store will receive 50% on net sales with a default retail price set of $9.99. Authors can then adjust their retail price if they wish to. The distribution service on Scribd will be free for all ASI authors.

“Scribd presents a great opportunity for our emerging authors to present their work through a portal that attracts more than 50 million users each month, and to potentially sell their content at much higher royalty percentages than are possible with traditional paper-and-ink books.”

Kevin Weiss, ASI president and CEO.

While this may be a further opportunity for ASI authors, the key factor here with the plethora of social publishing sites like Scribd is how much of a difference do they really make? Having your book available in twenty different online shop windows is great in one respect, but only if the buying public is passing by to see it. I still remain convinced that a self-published author needs another profile mechanism to direct their own social community networks and author website traffic towards these platforms.

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