Author Solutions Announce Kindle Deal with Amazon

On the same day Smashwords announced a deal to have their premium ebook catalogue listed in the new Apple iBookstore, Author Solutions Inc (ASI) announced a deal with Amazon to have books published through iUniverse, Xlibris, Trafford and AuthorHouse available on the Kindle ereader. From the press release below authors will take it as read that any of the four Author Solutions’ brands will offer this as part of their basic publishing packages on all newly published black-and-white interior books, and not as a premium add-on.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. March 29th 2010– Author Solutions, Inc. (ASI), the world leader in indie book publishing, announced today the signing of an agreement with Amazon to distribute all new black-and-white AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Trafford Publishing, and Xlibris titles through its popular eReader, the Kindle.

“The Kindle was a pioneer in the rapidly expanding eReader market, and we’re pleased to be able to offer our authors’ books through this platform,” said Kevin Weiss, ASI president and chief executive officer.

A default price of $9.99 will be set for every ASI title made available through the Kindle, but each author will have the opportunity to set his or her own price. E-book distribution through the Kindle will be included as a free service for all new black-and-white ASI titles.

For more information on Author Solutions and its leadership of the indie book publishing revolution, visit

I checked out one of the Author Solutions brands this evening by running a keyword search on AuthorHouse’s website, and the only mention of the Kindle ereader was the short piece below under marketing and author resources.


In this digital age, everything is going paperless … even books. You can have your book placed in a digital format that readers can read on their wireless reading device, Kindle. This allows your readers to have access to your book immediately after buying it and is the reading device of choice for many young readers.

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