Author (R)evolution Day: O’Reilly TOC for Publishing Conference 2013 | Live Stream

Author (R)evolution Day: O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference 2013 – O’Reilly Conferences, February 12 – 14, 2013, New York, NY

You can watch the O’Reilly Tools of Change Publishing Conference Live Stream of Author (R)evolution Day from the Marriott Marquis in New York currently taking place. Just click the link above. The Live Stream is free and simply requires an email address to access.

Author (R)evolution Day Schedule

(All times are EST)
9:00 AM
Kristen McLean; Kat Meyer; Joe Wikert
Author (R)evolution Day is curated by Bookigee’s Kristen McLean and TOC’s Kat Meyer and Joe Wikert. Join them as they kick off this one-day conference-within-a-conference.
9:10 AM
Cory Doctorow
There are three things creative people and industries must understand if they are to thrive in the digital world: don’t let others put locks on your stuff; competitive markets mean more money for you and the Internet is more than an entertainment medium. Until we get these right, we’re stuck.
9:30 AM
Eve Bridburg; Porter Anderson
Join Grub Street founder and Executive Director Eve Bridburg, and veteran journalist and industry observer Porter Anderson for a lively discussion of what, exactly authors need to be thinking about to expand their business and creative skills for the new publishing reality.
10:00 AM
Rob Eagar
Many authors and publishers still define marketing a book as expensive advertising, publicity campaigns, booksigning tours, and retailer co-op arrangements. Yet, what if you could increase book sales without spending a dime? Using case studies from his consulting work on recent New York Times bestsellers, Rob Eagar shows how to use the power of free digital resources to increase book sales.
10:20 AM
Jason Allen Ashlock
In a publishing economy that empowers creators and disintermediates middlemen, what role, if any, might an agent play in the successful career of an independent author? Literary manager and entrepreneur Jason Allen Ashlock of Movable Type Management describes emerging models of expansive author management, and recommends agents be the kind of radical advocates their author-partners deserve.
10:40 AM
7th Floor Foyer
11:00 AM
Jacob Lewis; Amanda Barbara; Scott James; Mark Jeffrey; Allen Lau
Join this eclectic panel of innovators as they explore the implications of a publishing future driven not by traditional gatekeepers, but by communities of readers and writers curating and interacting with content in many forms.
11:50 AM
Dana Newman
In a world where authors must increasingly take responsibility for a much wider series of career-management decisions, perhaps none has bigger implications than key copyright and intellectual property decisions. Join Dana Newman, a specialist in these issues, as she runs down the fundamentals that any entrepreneurial author needs to manage in today’s shifting content and technology environment.
12:35 PM
8th Floor Atrium
1:30 PM
Kristen McLean; Peter Armstrong; Sabrina McCarthy; Libby Johnson McKee; Tim Sanders
Join our panel of experts as they discuss the criteria for selecting services to suit your needs, no matter if you are an individual author in need of a full-service solution, a DIY-savvy creator, or an emerging publishing project out to change everything.
2:20 PM
Kristen McLean; Cevin Bryerman; Amanda Havard; Elizabeth Keenan; Mark Lefebvre; Tarah Theoret
Join our expert panel as they discuss emerging trends in marketing and discovery that rewrite the marketing rulebook, as well as the continuing industry challenges of building audience in the age of content abundance.
3:10 PM
7th Floor Foyer
3:30 PM
Laura Dawson
Join Bowker’s Data Diva Laura Dawson as she explains the basics of Data and Metadata, the key things authors should be monitoring in their own data stream, and how new innovations in Open Data will transform the publishing future.
4:00 PM
Kate Pullinger
Award-winning novelist and multimedia creator Kate Pullinger explores the exciting opportunities for new forms,innovation, and taking literature way way beyond the book.
4:30 PM
Kristen McLean; Kat Meyer; Joe Wikert

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