Are Electronic Tablets Usurping Dedicated eReader Devices? | YUDU eBook Report

YUDU Media has just released a whitepaper report on the rise of ebooks and suggests that electronic tablets may spell the end for dedicated ebook readers. The full report can be read here.

Press Release from YUDU Media:

New YUDU Research Report Finds That Tablets Are Usurping e-Readers as Reading Device of Choice for Consumers
Research Provides Detailed Insight and Statistics on the Rise of the e-Book Industry; 2011 Is Likely “The Beginning of the End” for Dedicated e-Reader Devices
Digital publishing company YUDU Media ( today published a new report summarizing key research, facts and figures on the e-book market, which continues to grow at a blistering pace. The report, titled, “Rise of the e-book: e-book stats and trends,” discusses some of the key components of the industry in its current form, aiming to provide analysis and insight into some of its most recent developments.
A sampling of the research included in this report:
•E-book sales now outpace print book sales, as sales of e-books nearly tripled in the US from 2009 to 2010.
•Tablets such as the iPad appear to be overtaking e-reader devices such as the Kindle as the platform of choice for reading e-books; Forrester predicts that by 2015, there will be twice as many owners of tablet PCs than there are of dedicated e-readers.
•Apple’s iBookstore is gaining rapidly on as the highest volume sales platform for e-Books.
•E-books have helped fuel success for self-published authors, who are no longer beholden to large, traditional publishing houses to get their works into the hands of readers.
“The e-book market shake-up is likely to become more pronounced over the course of the year, with a growing number of publishers and consumers alike choosing a tablet as their hardware of choice,” said Richard Stephenson, CEO of YUDU Media. “While 2010 may be remembered as the birth year of consumer e-books, 2011 may well be considered as the beginning of the end for the dedicated e-book reader.”
The e-book market in 2011 will experience exponential growth which will impact the book publishing industry as a whole. YUDU’s report offers a deeper analysis of the e-book industry with evidence that transitions in the market go beyond a simple upward sales trend. Ongoing technology innovations and shifts in consumer behavior are driving the continued growth of the e-book market, which publishers are embracing to meet consumer demand and factoring in as part of their overall growth strategy in order to compete in this rapidly changing environment.
Those interested in more detail can access the white paper online at or on the iPad/iPhone by downloading the YUDU Media App and selecting ‘e-book Report.’
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