Aquarius Communications Publishing Launched

For followers of this site, some of you may remember me referring to my own publishing imprint which I used to publish my first five books, Arcadia, The Eternal, Hybrid, Thais and Oceanic. The imprint is something I’m very passionate about and over the past few months I have been planning a number of projects which I will go into at a more appropriate time on this site. With some of the projects in mind, book publishing and media, I decided that this would be an ideal time to relaunch the imprint as Aquarius Communications Publishing.

You can view the publisher’s site at the link below. Please be aware that we have just launched the publishers and its website, so some of the pages are still under construction.

I will know how Aquarius will develop as a publishers when I have finalised the projects I am working on. Needless-to-say, at the moment, Aquarius Communications Publishing is not at this moment seeking ms solicitations from other authors. This may change later in 2009, but for now, there will still be many resources available on the site as well as this blog being Aquarius Communications Publishing’s official blog.

Further details will follow in the new year.

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