Apex Publishing & Legend Press – A Sign of Hybrid Publishing?

Maybe it is a sign of the times, but this week the borders between publishers offering author-publishing services blurred a little more. Apex Publishing is showing real intent on dramatically increasing its output of traditionally contracted authors with news of another autobiography of journalist and TV presenter, Garry Bushell. This follows the announcement last week of David Van Day’s autobiography and six other signed contracts, including Charles Bronson and Chas Hodges of Chas and Dave musical fame.
Hot on the heels of this news is Legend Press’ New Generation Publishing will offer an unpublished author a traditional contract to the bestselling title from their next 300 submissions. The NGP title that sells the most copies by June 2010 will be offered a traditional contract with Legend’s imprint Paperbooks.
While much remains to be disclosed about these traditional contracts and the ability of the publishers to turn out successful sellers – it is clear we are witnessing the emergence of a new hybrid of publisher/author service, though much remains to be seen of these new ventures.

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