Amazon’s Orwellian Gaff Results in Filed Lawsuit

I suppose it had to happen. Well, following Amazon’s ‘hand of god’ reaching into the homes of Kindle owners last week to take back ebook copies of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’, the website reports yesterday that the first case of someone filing a class-action lawsuit against Amazon in the US District Court in Seattle has been made. The claimants are Justin D. Gawronski, 17, a student at Eisenhower High School in Shelby Township, Michigan and also Antoine J. Bruguier, an adult reader in Milpitas, California. Quite what an ‘adult reader’ is, I’m not so sure.

Gawronski claims that his notes on the book were useless because he no longer had the referenced parts of the book. What brought a real chuckle to me this morning was’s blunt and to the point reading of the lawsuit.

“A high school student is suing after the online retailer deleted pirated copies of e-books purchased by Kindle owners, saying his electronic notes were bollixed, too.”

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