Amazon/Booksurge – Washington State Attorney General-Update

As a follow up to the previous post on the initial statement issued by Washington Attorney General’s office, it would seem some conclusions have been reached. Here is the link to the original posting from last week.

The Attorney General say they have looked at the current circumstances surrounding Amazon’s moves to make POD publishers use their own in-house printers, Booksurge, and deem “it may be more appropiate to refer this matter to one of the federal anti-trust agencies for review” and “anyone feeling that they have been harmed and wish to pursue a remedy should consider consulting with private counsel.”

Well, it would seem, at least for now, POD publishers are going to have to either row in with Amazon’s plans and suck on their sweets, or find legal redress through a different agency.

It is notable that so far there have been few signs that POD publishers are willing to publicly form any kind of alliance. Though this issue has generated considerable debate, publishers continue to play their cards close to their chest.

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