Amazon UK Impose Price Parity Participation Agreement

Amazon UK have introduced a Price Parity Participation Agreement making sellers, and one would assume by default self-publishing authors, to adhere to a listed price parity on books available on other online vendors – meaning, Amazon UK will not allow sellers have books on sale outside of the Amazon Marketplace listed at a price that undercuts the Amazon listed price. Sellers will have to adhere to the agreement no later than May 1st.

And this ominous FAQ leaves no chance of compromise for sellers on the Amazon Marketplace…

What happens if I am not willing to offer parity with respect to price or other applicable terms?

Sellers who are not willing to offer parity should remove their listings, as Sellers that do not comply with our terms and conditions will lose their selling privileges.”

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Price Parity

Price is one of the most important factors customers use when making buying decisions. In order to offer buyers the best possible experience on, beginning 31st March, Amazon will require price parity for all sellers selling under the Marketplace Participation Agreement. Price parity for these sellers means that the item price and total price (total amount payable, excluding taxes) of each product a seller offers on must generally be the same or lower than on the seller’s other non-physical sales channels. We believe this practice increases customer trust, which can result in more customers and sales, and increased value of the Marketplace to sellers. Although the Participation Agreement will reflect this change on 31st March, sellers will have until 1st May to make the necessary price parity changes.

Please read the FAQs below to learn more about this change to your Participation Agreement.

What do you mean by price parity?

Price parity generally means that your offer for each product you list on is at least as good as your best offer for that product on any of your non-physical sales channels. More specifically, it means that the total price and corresponding item price of each product you list on are at or below the lowest total price and corresponding item price at which you offer the product via any of your other non-physical sales channels. Price parity also applies to offers by your affiliates. Specific terms will apply to products fulfilled using FBA and other products subject to delivery rates.

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