Amazon Thought Police Leave Their Calling Card

Have an Amazon Kindle? Bought an ebook version of Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ or ‘1984’? Chances are you will not find those books on your Kindle today. You see, during the night, when you were tucked up safe and sound in bed, the Amazon Thought Police crept into your electronic world and snatched these books back. The Amazon Thought Police are decent sorts though, and you should find that your credit card has been reimbursed.
If you are thinking this posting is a humourous take on an Orwell plot line – think again! This is exactly what happened to hundreds of ebook buyers who bought a copy of these two books from Amazon. The reason – it seems – Orwell’s publisher had second thoughts about making the books available as ebooks on the Kindle format and informed Amazon they were withdrawing the titles forcing Amazon into this embarrassing faux pas.
At the time of the launch of the Kindle there was talk of such a situation occuring, but Amazon insist this is and will be a ‘rare’ occurance.
Oh, by the way, George Orwell told me to tell you anyone who has also noticed they are missing bicycles, microwaves and toasters overnight should have them all returned by Monday at the lastest. Thanks for the loan!

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