Amazon Takes “Self” Out Of Self Publishing | Self Publishing 2.0

Amazon Takes “Self” Out Of Self Publishing | Self Publishing 2.0:

This is pretty much one of those seminal articles that comes along occasionally that should be read by all authors (and all writers for that matter – published or unpublished). It’s not just for those considering self-publishing. It’s written by someone I have a great deal of respect for in the 2.0 self-publishing world – Morris Rosenthal.

“Let’s face it, self publishing is morphing into Amazon publishing, and self publishers who use Amazon exclusively may as well call themselves Amazon authors.

I must have talked on the phone with at least a half dozen first-time authors in the last few months, all of whom believed they needed help getting their books published. These days my advice boils down to “Publish on Kindle first and Amazon’s CreateSpace second.” Both are free. In years past, I would have told them to read Shepard’s and Poynter’s books for two radically different approaches to self publishing and to join an Internet discussion group for up-to-date news. But Amazon has made the whole process so easy that the only challenges remaining are finding a decent editor and creating a decent book cover.”

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