Amazon Publishing Launches New Author and Agent Portal

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Today, May 2nd, Amazon launched, described as a gateway for royalty statements, authors and agents will also be able to get real-time access to sales and book-lending data and feedback from readers across Amazon’s websites and services. is your gateway to real-time sales data, monthly royalty statements, and feedback from readers for all of your books with Amazon Publishing—the full-service publisher of Amazon—whether you are just getting started with us or if you have been a part of the Amazon Publishing family for a while.

Real-Time Sales Data will include a snapshot of sales and borrows of books through Amazon websites, the Kindle Store, and subscription programs like Kindle Unlimited throughout the current day. A sales history of Amazon Publishing books will track sales and trends over time and can be download monthly or complete all-time sales in a spreadsheet file. Authors and agents will also be able to monitor reader feedback, including which book passages were highlighted most by readers.

The new portal is also optimised for mobile and will provide notification alerts.

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