Amazon Look To Christmas 2009 For Kindle UK

Amazon is putting the final pieces in place to allow a launch of the Kindle ebook reading device on the UK market. Amazon is understood to be in ‘advanced’ negotiations with a UK mobile operator according to this article in Mobile Today Magazine. This deal if completed will provide connectivity allowing users to download on line books and services to their Kindle readers.

Amazon is believed to already concluded a deal with Qualcomm to manufacture the Kindle device as well as several book publishers for content, and the on line retailing giant is eager to launch the Kindle on the Christmas 2009 market.

According to Mobile Today:

“The retailer wants customers to be able to download books through PCs or over Wi-Fi, but also to have the option to regularly download newspapers, magazines and journals while on the move, via a mobile network.”

In the past year both Apple and Google have made considerable strides in the battle for supremacy of the electronic content download market and Amazon will be keen to launch the Kindle in the UK on this side of Christmas rather than later in 2010.

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