Amazon Forces POD Publishers to use Booksurge

This all seems to happened over the past 24 hours and several POD sites and forums are just starting to voice their reactions.

It seems that Amazon have taken the bold business step of informing POD publishers as well as traditional publishers who use print-on-demand digital print technology that they will have to use Amazon’s own printers, Booksurge if they want to be listed on the Amazon retail book site.

Understandably, this has huge implications for POD publishers. What I think is very significant is the fact that Amazon have also chosen to issue this dictat to traditional publishers using the POD print technology as well. One wonders how the POD publishers will take this news. My understanding is that it will include titles already listed on Amazon, and not just new titles. The initial feedback from the POD publishers is that they feel they may not have much choice and they are being unfairly squeezed, considering the volume of sales they have driven in to the Amazon site.

We may learn more about all this when we see how the bigger POD guys react, like AuthorHouse, IUniverse et all. It will also be interesting to see how Lightening Source, one of the largest POD printers react to this news.

It seems there are interesting days ahead!

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