Amazon Buys Shelfari

It has been announced that Amazon has bought Shelfari, a bookworm social networking site. At Selfari, both authors and avid readers alike can list their own, or other books they have read/written on their ‘virtual bookshelf’. The site is heavily discussion and review driven and much of what I have seen there is already available through Amazon’s own sites.

One can only deduce that this is another step in Amazon’s drive to get a strong foothold in the bookmarket, particularly through the sale of Print-on-demand produced titles and electronic reader sales. Some may believe that this is good news for the Self-publishing and POD Subsidy publishers, but I’m not so sure. There are several other large sites on the internet with a similar book social network to Shelfari’s, but from what I can see, the vast majority of books listed are from traditional publishers.

It will, nevertheless, be interesting to see how this all develops in regard to Self-published and Subsidy published authors.

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