Amazon and Booksurge Antitrust Lawsuit – Update

The judge presiding over the forthcoming Amazon/Booksurge antitrust lawsuit has requested both parties legal representatives to attend court in Bangor, Maine. It is not uncommon in Federal lawsuit cases for a judge to make this kind of request. This tends to optimise the Federal court’s time and eliminate parties bringing lawsuits based on frivolous or unsustainable grounds.

Amazon & Booksurge filed for the lawsuit against them to be dismissed last August. It is understood that the judge in this case will listen to full legal arguments from both parties and make his decision then on whether the case should be set with a formal date and proceed.

The case was taken by last year following moves by Amazon to cajole some POD publishers into using their own print-on-demand company, Booksurge, for books sold through in the United States. For a period of time last year some POD publishers had their ‘first party’ buy buttons removed by Amazon from their online site. The strategy of Amazon was seen as an attempt to monopolize the POD book market.

The news of the Federal court was disclosed by Booklocker’s Angela Hoy. You can find the news release at her site on the link below.

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