Amazon Acquires Lexcycle for Mobile Download Future

We have talked much in the past few months about ebooks and ereaders, but not touched upon the potential dowload of electronic product to iphones and mobile touchpads. It seems Amazon has kept its eye focused on this area with the aquisition of Lexcycle, producers of the ebook application, Stanza.

The Stanza application gives iPhone users access to a library of around 100,000 books and electronic magazines for the iPhone. Clearly with the epub format in mind, Amazon see just as important a future in portable on-the-go downloads as ereaders.

Lexcycle is only in existence for just over a year, nevertheless, the purchase price of the company by Amazon has not been disclosed.

“It’s very early days for e-books, and we believe there is a lot of innovation ahead of us…Lexcycle is a smart, innovative company, and we look forward to working them.”

Cinthia Portugal, spokesperson for

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