ALLi Presentation by Smashwords CEO Mark Coker | Video

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Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, presented a two-part live stream presentation yesterday as a guest of the Alliance of Independent Authors. Both presentations are now available to view. The presentations include some fascinating data on price points gathered by Smashwords. Coker also explains how one of the world’s largest e-book distributor was founder.
In the first part Coker shares the secrets to successful self-publishing and all the critical advice you need to succeed as an author-publisher.

In the second presentation Coker explains the best approaches on how to sell books in the Apple iBooks store, Apple’s strategy, and how it compares to selling an e-book through Amazon Kindle.


About ALLi
The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is a nonprofit, professional association for self-publishing writers. Rapidly growing, with members on all six continents, ALLi invites such writers to come together in a spirit of mutual co-operation, in service to our readers and each other. As well encouraging ethics and excellence in self-publishing, ALLi advocates and campaigns for the interests of indie authors everywhere. Our mission is the democratisation of writing and publishing through community, partnership and author empowerment.



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