Albury Books UK Purchases Rights to Collapsed USA Self-Publisher Vantage Press

TIPM has learned in recent days that Albury Books, an Oxford-based publisher in the UK, has purchased the right to use the Vantage Press name, one of the USA’s oldest self-publishing services. Albury Books, only recently registered and launched, is part of The Imago Group, an international book and print production services company.
TIPM was the first to report last year on the collapse of Vantage Press and we continued to report on this in continued reports before the wider publishing media finally acknowledged it. The collapse of the company, headed by investor David Lamb, left many authors high and dry, only initially and selectively alerting some authors as to their suspension of operations. A support Facebook group was set up for Vantage Press authors late last year, and throughout 2013, TIPM has learned that some authors, who paid Vantage Press for self-publishing services as recently this summer, were still only discovering that the company has ceased operations in November 2012.
Albury Books registered ownership of the Vantage Press name during the summer and are currently developing service content before re-launching the self-publishing imprint with a full website. In an email correspondence seen by TIPM with Albury’s Publishing Controller, Hannah Howell explained:

“Albury have recently purchased the rights to the Vantage imprint and we are currently re-designing the website, which will be ready for relaunch over the coming months. If you decide you would like to publish under this imprint, you would still be working directly with me and you will receive the same level of service and treatment that you would if you were under Albury. Vantage as a name, has a pretty illustrious history, going back to 1949, and so any affiliation with this imprint is instantly recognisable as a known publisher for prospective readers , which is a huge advantage when self-publishing.”

It is understood that Albury Books will operate POD and short run services for self-published authors, though the publisher will not offer distribution for physical book stocks sold to authors. Albury Books will support an online retail store.

In an email to TIPM, Howell also stated:

“Albury Books owns the name Vantage Press in the UK, and we also decided to purchase the URL as it was available – but we do not have any links to the previous, US based publisher.”

Hannah Howell also sent TIPM it’s company brief:

Albury Books

Albury Books is something different. It’s not a service provider, it’s a fully-fledged publisher, with all the capabilities you would expect from one. 
But unlike traditional publishers, we don’t think that only we know best. Nor will we make promises we can’t keep. What we will do, is provide our authors and illustrators with access to the publishing tools and platforms they want and, if they ask, we’ll give advice that we’ve gathered from our decades of publishing experience. We know there is nothing better than seeing an idea become a reality, so that’s what we do. We make books!
As well as working with new authors and illustrators, we also work with established ones, helping them to regain creative control over their books by publishing with us. At Albury Books we help talented creatives achieve their dream of publication by working with them to publish their books. Our collaborative approach to publishing is unique – we work with our authors and illustrators to develop and design the book that they imagined not the book that we imagined for them.
We call ourselves a ‘collaborative publisher’ because we are dedicated to the idea that each of our authors and illustrators should be able to publish the book that they want. However, we also know that the idea of publishing can be a little daunting. So, we collaborate with our authors to provide them with a supportive environment in which they can utilise the professional publishing services we have available, in the way that they want. This approach ensures that our authors have the final say over how their book will look and feel, right down to the font and paper type – although we don’t leave our authors to decide these things on their own! We are always there to guide, advise and help. 
This is what distinguishes us from other platforms. We offer the whole process – from editing to illustrators to layout to art directions, from ISBNs to registration to revolutionary high-quality print-on-demand or short run prints or co-edition deals or marketing campaigns or submission for awards or, or, or…!
Finally, each book published by us is listed for sale in our online store, providing our authors with an easy an immediate platform for sale.

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