Adventures with Blurb – Part Five

At the end of April I got back a single proof copy of Thais, for the second time, as they had sent me the wrong book first time. I got the second order from Blurb within five days; corrected some problems with the cover regarding alignment and also made some changes to the interior. I can’t fault Blurb on service. Barring the hiccup on sending me the wrong proof, their speed and sevice from the UK has been excellent.

About two weeks ago, I enrolled my own publishing imprint Aquarius Communications Publishing in the Amazon Advantage Program for publishers and recieved my first orders. This allows a small press publisher to stock physical books with Amazon’s warehouse and speeds the customer delivery turn-round time. Thais is offically launched at the start of June and what I like about the Amazon Program is the ability for me to upload the book detail, blurb, review, pricing etc myself. This is real control in the way I would not have had with Lulu or Createspace. I can track every distribution order through Amazon to its source point and feel in complete control of the product that Aquarius Communication Publishing sells.

Will it be profitable? No. I said from the very beginning that the reprint of Thais was a project in producing a book through Blurb’s services. I always accepted that this was going to be the case. I run Aquarius very much as a traditional publisher. Hardback release first then if the demand is sufficient, a paperback release. With a paperback release through Blurb and Amazon’s Advantage Program, at best, the profits would be very slim, 50 cent to a euro per copy, maybe.

It brings me back to my original point in my reviews about Blurb; they are excellent for quality and service, but for profit and serious sales, try Lightning Source for a real contender on profit margin. I actually suspect Thais is the only book available on Amazon for sale through Blurb’s print services. and if its a first, then I’m happy and proud about that.

Incidently, mentioning Lulu above, I’ve given them a miss when ordering my own books Academy and Filigree & Shadow, as they are now cheaper to buy as an Amazon customer in the uk, shipping charges taken into account, then ordering direct through the Lulu store front!

Inspite of all that has happened over the last year with Amazon, maybe my old heart is softening on them. The first few copies of Thais ship on Monday to Amazon’s warehouse for them to warehouse for Aquarius with the release date set as June 1st.

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