About our eBook Concerns: TeleRead’s Open Letter to Publishers

There is an excellent ‘open letter to the publishing industry’ on standards for ebooks now that the big five publishers have applied the agency model for ebook distribution.

“Dear Publishers,

Now that you have your ‘agency’ contracts (such as they are) in place and are moving on, in your own heads anyway, to Ebook 2.0, can we please start tightening things up a little with some standards? Customers need to know that they can have a reliable, consistent experience in getting the content they want to pay you their hard-earned money for (and at over 1 billion downloads, the iTunes music store has proven people will pay for their content!) They don’t have that now, and it needs to happen fast. Here are the first two areas you should work on.”

You can read the rest of ‘Joanna’s’ article over on TeleRead: Bring the Ebooks Home here.

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