A Word About The Links

I thought I’d best start by directing you to some of the links on my blogsite. They are all sites I drop by most days and for aspiring authors navigating the world of independent and self publishing – they are pretty invaluable.

The two radio podcast sites feature lots of helpful author info, in particular Ron Pramschufer’s WBJB which is packed with podcast covering everything from author marketing, print on demand publishing contracts with lots of interviews from the pod book industry. One real highlight which you shouldn’t miss is the archived interview with the CEO of Lightening Source, a major us/uk printer used by probably at least 60% or more of POD publishers as well as many traditional publishing houses who are turning more and more to this technology. One amazing fact is that the nucleus of this print on demand method actually started out in the banking/finance industry to print out statements from the electronic software files. June Austin, from England, and author of “Genesis of Man” writes a very illuminating blogsite chronicling the trials and tribulations of a self published author. She’s a regular visor and contributor to many of the pod forums. Best pod forum for me is the Booksandtales site.

I will be adding more links soon. Hope these are of some interest and help.

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