7 Pieces of Advice on Promoting Your E-Book – Annabelle Short | Guest Post

You’ve put in the long hours…

You’ve overcome writer’s block…

You’ve put all your efforts into developing your newest masterpiece – your e-book. Now, you plan to sit back and watch the downloads flow in…

But, wait.

Do keep in mind that there is still a fair amount of work to be done – your job doesn’t end when the last chapter is complete.

An e-book is a great way to reach a variety of readers – especially those in the newer generation.

Most forms of journalism have gone digital – from magazines to newspapers. While most still maintain a physical presence in the print industry, the industry of digital journalism continues to boom as modern-day technology continues to improve smartphones and tablets.

However, while the market for e-books might be significant, the challenge of promoting e-books has never been more difficult. There is a significant amount of noise both online and offline and numerous others are trying to get attention as well. Your e-book is competing with thousands of others.

Being an author and publishing a book is a dream come true for some people – don’t hesitate to take some time to celebrate your accomplishment.

But, in order to get your e-book in front of as many eyes as possible, and therefore, make as much of a profit as possible, you will need some patience, creativity, and a solid promotion plan.

Take this for example – what if you planned the biggest birthday bash of the century but then forgot to invite anyone? It would not be much of a party, would it? Sure, the drinks and food might be awesome, but there would be nobody there to enjoy it but you.

Now, put your e-book into the same perspective. You have created this incredible masterpiece, but what happens if you forget to tell anyone about it? Well, you might get a few downloads by the luck of the draw, but most people will never even have the opportunity to hear about it, much less actually read it.


Tips for Promoting Your E-Book

Once you’ve wrapped up your ending for your e-book and it is ready for the world to view, consider these seven pieces of advice for promoting it:


1. Start by getting your digital house in order

Before you begin promoting your book, you need to get all your “ducks” in a row – and by “ducks,” I mean social media sites. Facebook and Twitter are some of the most popular social media platforms, however, for the purpose of book promotion other sites like LinkedIn or Pinterest might be a better fit. It is time to make an investment in your career and your brand through networking. Today, “investing in your career and your brand” literally just means building a big digital marketing strategy that will go all year around. Set aside time each day to chat with people – answer questions, engage in their comments – just be present online outside of just having your name on your book.

2. Offer your book for free

Free? Woah, that sounds a little ridiculous, right? After all, this is your career so the goal is to make money. Don’t offer the entire book for free, but just a little excerpt just to attract the readers. Once they have fallen in love with half of chapter 1, it can be a little difficult to resist purchasing the entire book. For users who sign up for the excerpt, you could even mail out stickers with QR codes on them. Or, these could be attached to other physical products you might provide that will promote your e-book. Use the QR codes either as some kind of rewards program or competition for readers, enticing them to purchase other books, or use it as a link to your e-book if placing it on other related products. The link from the QR code could lead the user to something as simple as an informative page or the link to purchase the book.

3. Make a video

As you are already aware, people love the internet. But, more specifically, people also really love videos. It is a quick and very simple way for them to be fed a few minutes of information. People enjoy getting to know the authors of their books and it is a great way to spread the word and allow people to develop that personal connection with you – both of which will increase sales. Do a short and sweet introduction to yourself and the book as a whole, then leave viewers with a call to action (CTA) to purchase the book. Post the video on your YouTube page and share it via the social media sites you are already actively working on for your digital marketing plan.

4. Blog about it

Similar to the YouTube videos, blogging is a great way to give readers a short glimpse into your lifestyle and your personality. It is also a great avenue for sharing excerpts of your book and enticing readers to purchase it. A few months prior to the book’s release, begin building the hype of your readers. Discuss a few details of the book or offer a picture of the cover to get them excited.

5. Reviews, reviews, reviews

Good reviews are essential to the success of your e-book. It is important to secure reviews both online and offline – for example, on blogs, websites, and in newspapers, and magazines. Send a “review copy” to whoever you are trying to convince to review the book. It can be sent by several methods, including one as simple as emailing over a PDF. Or, if you are looking for a more secure method, give them a promo code to order the book for free.

6. Offer bonus content

The more engaged the user experience is, the more likely they are to purchase the book. Try hosting a substantial webinar to give a little prefix of your book. Similar to your YouTube video, discuss a little about yourself, your previous work, what they can expect from this book, and what you plan to offer them in the future. At the end, give participants a promo code for a discounted copy of the book. Another great way to engage users is by offering things such as worksheets, slideshows, or tutorial videos that mesh well with your book. By offering readers usable content that can increase productivity or explain the book better, they develop a better understanding of your message. Also, try a collaboration with other businesses. If your book is closely related to another industry or profession, try to develop a relationship with a well-known company to spread the word to their clients as well. This can benefit both of you as it promotes your book and offers more to their clientele.

7. Use the content from your e-book for sales pitches

Take some of the content from your e-book and transform it into email or phone scripts. Use this content to market to future customers and sales-pitching to potential collaborative companies.



Writing the e-book was just the first step, the next is getting the word out. Becoming a well-known author takes a decent amount of work and a great marketing strategy. Take some time to come up with a plan and try incorporating a few of these tips – most of them can be used in combination with the others. Don’t get overwhelmed, just take it one step at a time, just like you did with the chapters of your book.



Annabelle Short is a writer/blogger, management consultant and seamstress of more than 5 years. She splits her time between London and Los Angeles. Annabelle has worked with many startup companies providing guidance and advice on different topics like marketing and startup financing. Moreover, Annabelle has experience in leading and managing different project teams. Annabelle is a mother of two, and in her free time she likes to sew and make crafts with her kids.

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