5 Tools for Successful Facebook Content Marketing | Guest Post | Robert Morris

TIPM_social_media4One of the most important elements of an effective marketing campaign is building an engaged fanbase of the brand in the Facebook community. Although social media users are attracted by an instinctive incentive that rarely turns them into real customers, popularity on Facebook is crucial for a brand’s success.

As always, the key to a profitable Facebook content marketing campaign is good content. There is no need to buy fans and send private message to beg for likes. All you need to do is create great content that will generate shares, likes, new fans, and engagement of real customers.

The following five tools will help you create and distribute perfect content for your business!


  1. HubSpot eBook Templates

As soon as you start sharing free e-books with your Facebook fanbase, your brand will gain on reputability. Offering a well-written e-book will not only make you sound like an expert, but will also provide your potential customers with useful information they are not able to find elsewhere.

A solid e-book requires unique ideas, as well as an ability to write great content and format it in a way that will make it readable. HubSpot’s e-book templates will help you take care of the formatting part without much effort.

You will save a lot of time by picking a template and customizing it to your particular needs.


  1. Papers Gear

You want to start publishing articles on regular basis? Offering high-quality content to your Facebook fans is a great idea that will increase the popularity of your page. However, you can hardly find the time to write brilliant posts and think of appealing topics each day.

At custom writing service PapersGear.com, you can hire talented writers with expertise in several niches. You don’t have to spend your days in researching information, coming up with new ideas and writing fresh content.

All you need to do is place an order at this website and leave the matter to talented writers who know how to attract new customers for you.


  1. Compfight

This search tool can help you find any type of image to feature in your content. The best images are listed in the top of your search results, so you can easily add great visual aspect to your article.

Compfight automatically generates HTML code that allows you to provide correct attribution without even thinking of proper referencing.


  1. Canva

Canva is an awesome addition to your arsenal of Facebook marketing tools. It enables you to create social media covers, presentations, blog graphics, and banners.

The templates are easy to manipulate with your own imagery, so you’ll quickly get enticing visual content that will be refreshing for your fans. Canva is also a great tool to use for creating unique images for your blog posts.


  1. Infogr.am

Who doesn’t love infographics? You can start with a simpler theme and then offer a larger, more complex design that will bring you many shares on social media. The interactive visualizations enabled by Infogr.am add a new dimension of audience engagement.

You can create a rich infographic by adding pictures, maps, video, text, and graphs. The tool is compatible with Microsoft Excel and lets you create mobile-responsive infographics.


Get your Facebook content marketing campaign under control!

Facebook is not that fun when you approach it with a business mind. You have to think about getting more fans and shares, inspiring useful discussions, communicating with your audience and avoiding all types of insults.

The tools you use for content creation and marketing have a lot to do with your success on social media. However, don’t forget that you’re in control of this process. Make sure to devote yourself to publishing new content on a daily basis if you want your efforts to result in success.


Robert MorrisRobert Morris is freelance writer from NYC. Now he is working on his first YA novel. Circle him on Google+!

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