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Isn’t it great? The feeling of completing the first draft of your own book! You have finally completed what you started, and that in itself is an applause-worthy achievement. But what is the next step now?

As a self-publishing writer, you have to take care of everything for your book, including the writing part (which is the best part, I tell you). So what is it then? Are you going to work on the proofreading and then go out to find a designer for your book cover, or is it going to be the other way around? As a writer, your real struggle begins after you have completed the writing part. If you are going to look for a book cover, then the first thing you need to worry about is finding a designer who can give a face to your thoughts and justify the crux that you have tried to deliver in your work. Especially in the year 2021, where every person is an artist, a wanderer, and an individual with a voice, how to find the one who is actually the best fit for your book?

With so many options to choose from, the quest for hiring a book cover is no less than a blind adventure in the woods. If you are going to publish your book on your own in the year 2021, the bar is already set very high for you as there are a lot of writers who have found their way into the self-publishing industry. With the ease of self-publishing, every writer who ever dreamed of creating their own masterpiece has just come one step closer. So, it is really important for your book to stand out in this crowd of other books and what can possibly help you achieve that? A mind-blowing book cover!

The book cover artwork is like the face and first impression of your book. It gives your content a pictorial identity and provides your reader with an insight into what to expect from your book. It’s like giving your words and emotions a shape and a voice. Even if you are going to put it out as an E-book, you need to have a cover that is able to grab the attention of readers and get them interested in your book. Sayings like ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ has no effect in the modern age because there are a lot more options available for a reader. Understand it in this way, your book is a product, and your book cover is going to serve as a salesman for it. If your cover isn’t convincing enough, the chances are that a reader might not be interested in what you are trying to sell, and the sad part is that no matter how much effort you have put into your writing, it is of no use if there are not enough readers interested in reading it.

Even if we consider that a cover should not be the reason to judge, your book artwork is a very important tool for marketing purposes as well. In today’s day and age, when social media platforms have become the central unit of marketing and expression, a well-designed book artwork can help you do wonders with the marketing and product placement of your book; after all, presentation is the key which is required to unlock a reader’s attention.

 One of the biggest mistakes authors make while publishing a book is undermining the power of a well-crafted book cover. It is an elementary mistake to avoid the most important aspect of any writing, its presentation. Most of the assignments that we deal with also have the same issue. Students often make it their priority to complete it in time, and in that hassle, they forget to make it look interesting and appealing.

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Hiring a book cover designer is not an easy task in 2021. Even if you have an idea in your mind that you want to implement on your book cover, it is really hard to find someone who can give a justified shape to your emotions and idea. If you are on the hunt for a digital art creator who can design awesome artwork for your upcoming book, then you must keep a few things that you must ensure in them.

Here are the 5 things that you should keep in mind while hiring a designer for your next self-published book cover –


  1. There’s a difference between an artist and a designer

– A lot of people actually confuse painters and artists with graphic designers due to the creative nature of both jobs. Where a designer can create anything with a proper brief and elemental description, an artist can help you present your ideas in such a manner that no one could ever imagine. This is what you have to understand. If you have an exact idea of what you want in your book cover and can direct a person in pouring those thoughts onto a picture, then you must look for a professional designer. But that is not the case every time. Not every writer gives a deep thought about a cover image. Such people require a creative head to guide them and help them with ideas and concepts which can justify their literary work. An artist can come up with some great out of the box ideas to create a sensational book cover. It is completely up to your understanding of your requirements and necessities for your book cover, which one you want to choose for your book, but in my personal opinion, an artist can really give you some great insights on referential concepts and symbolism that can enhance the quality of your book cover by adding a hint of mystery to it. You must understand the difference and hire a professional accordingly.


  1. The ability to see the bigger picture is a plus

– Well, this one is a little tricky. As an author, you must be able to present even the most bizarre ideas of yours with conviction, and a designer must be able to grasp all the tiny details that you describe, no matter how bizarre they are. If anyone of either the author or the designer fails in their responsibility, things can really go south. You should really keep in mind that a book cover is not only an external part of your book; it is also an initial part. You have to ensure that the cover you finalize for your final draft must be connected to your theme and justify your curation’s internal contents.

A book is no less than an imaginary picture painted with words and emotions. Your potential designer must see the bigger picture that you have tried to represent in your work and try to design something that gives a glimpse of your written work. Your designer must also be able to believe in your ideas and understand things from your perspective. No artist can be called one if they are unable to put forward their ideas into their art. You can easily judge someone’s ability to see the bigger pictures by understanding their design and working process. If they are one of those designers who first imagine their design on all possible platforms and then move forward with their work, then you have found the right one. If you can find someone who can help you enhance the quality of your work and add up to your efforts to make your book reach the final stage that you imagined, then there is nothing better that could possibly happen for you.


  1. A definitive Work Process is a win

– While hiring a book cover designer, you must get familiar with the way they go forward with a project. You don’t want someone who has a habit of working with multiple projects at the same time as no matter what, there is a lack of attention to detail when a person is busy with two different tasks. Make sure that you understand everything about their approach to addressing all the different elements. Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with a basic approach of a designer; just make sure that you ask the following questions to them –

  • What is your process of handling a client brief? – As a designer, a person must be able to handle your brief with sincerity and must also point out flaws in them if there are any. A client brief is the guidelines and description that you provide your designer to get started with design proceedings.
  • How do you create an outline for a project? – It is very necessary to imagine before executing. And imagination is incomplete without an outline. You must understand the process of their outline creation and execution. Which things do they keep on priority? Is it the design? Do they decide on a concept first or directly get started with the brief? These are some of the points which you must make your priority to know.
  • How do you go about research on a particular subject? – Designing a unique and attractive book cover requires a lot of research. You must ask your potential designer what strategies they use to get the best results out of their research and the key factors that influence their choice while working on research.
  • What image libraries you majorly use? – For a designer, an image library is like a gold mine to which they can gain access by paying some premium or sometimes by simply registering on the platform. You must be wondering why is this a point of concern for you? Well, the reason behind this is that small elements and images are the core of any design, and a designer must be equipped with some of the best image libraries in order to provide you with the best quality samples.
  • What is the genre of art that you have the most experience in? – Just like music, movies, and books, various types of designs are divided into different genres. You must know about your potential designer’s strengths and weaknesses, and also, this question helps you in finding the best candidate for your book cover design if you are specifically looking for a designer who has proficiency in a particular genre.


  1. Sense of collaborative spirit is a must

– Collaborative spirit means the ability of a person to work with someone else in a constructive manner. As the name suggests, this is a two-way street where you must be open to learning new things, and your potential designer must be able to handle feedback and criticism.

There are a lot of designers who have some excellent skills but lack in handling criticism. The designer that you are looking for must be open to all sorts of feedback and suggestions and must have a sense of collaboration spirit. There will be a lot of times during the project when you might not find what you were looking for in the initial drafts. Your potential designer should be able to work according to your specifications and should never take the things you say or the changes you suggest personally.

In fact, having someone who works on your project as if it were their own is always a plus for you. Your potential designer must show full indulgence in your project and must take an active part in the process of brainstorming sessions and other activities that can help you both work on the design in a more efficient manner. You must understand the value of a third-person perspective and take all possible responses from your designer and also provide them with valuable feedback so they can also work in a more effective way. Another thing that falls under the umbrella of collaborative spirit is the ability to introduce new initiatives. As a writer, you might not be familiar with all the do’s and don’ts of designing, or you might not have any idea about what you are looking for. In both cases, you must have a designer who is able to take positive initiatives and provide you with better options and suggestions.


  1. A proven record of on-time delivery 

– As a self-publishing entity, you are the only one alongside your precious book in its journey from pen to publishing. The time is of the essence here. You just can’t afford to waste a lot of time only focusing on the cover of your book as there are other aspects such as proofreading, editing, creation of metadata, and don’t forget the most important of all, marketing strategy for the launch, pre-order campaigns, etc. With all these responsibilities on your shoulders, one thing that you can never compromise with is the time frame. You need someone who understands all your limitations and provides you with the desired artwork on the promised date of delivery. You must keep in mind that it is not a free hand project; it is like an assignment that comes with a deadline that is needed to be fulfilled.

While looking for a designer for your book cover, you must specify your own requirements from the very first day. You must understand that these things take time, and that is why you must begin your hunt with an ample amount of time in your hands that you can give your designer, but the designer should also take care that if there is a deadline specified for the delivery of the final project then no matter what happens it must be met. To ensure this, it is always better to take a thorough look at your designer’s work profile and look for recommendations. There is no harm in contacting their previous clients/ employers to run a quick background check on them. In fact, it will help you understand the person better.

Once you have found a candidate that checks all the criteria mentioned above, there is nothing that can stop you from getting a great artwork that you can use as a book cover for your masterpiece.

A book cover is not just a decorative element for your book; it is a lot more than that. The first encounter that a reader has with your book is solely dependent on the cover of your book, and if your cover is able to entice the reader, then you can expect a great indulgence from your readers. When you are working on a self-publishing project, you need to make sure that everything stays in place. I hope the factors discussed in this article help you find a better designer for your book cover. Good luck with your book.



Raina Jordan provides upcoming writers with guidance on how to get started. She is a full-time editor and proofreader at Academic Assignment help. Raina is also an avid reader, a self-published author, and an active part of the Writer’s Association of Global Assignment Help Australia.

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