The Ongoing Evolution of Digital Publishing – Rachel Gregory | Guest Post

It’s fair to say that digital publishing is in a state of flux. In the last year, markets shifted drastically. Average ebook prices soared, distribution options simultaneously became fewer and more innovative, retailers tried varied attempts to combat a glut of not-quite-quality-assured content and there was a concerted, industry-wide effort to crack down on piracy. […]

Reedsy Release Book Editor Feature – Ricardo Fayet | Guest Post

When I first wrote for the The Independent Publishing Magazine to announce the launch of Reedsy’s marketplace, I mentioned that we were building “this one place where authors will be able to manage all of their collaborations, and all without email, without Word’s constant formatting issues and terrible Track Changes system — without all the […]

Reading and Writing for Pleasure: February | Douglas Burcham

Douglas continues his writing and reading for pleasure series with some thoughts for February on places related to writing progress and structure, 2016 reading and publishing.   January 2016 was an interesting month of travel to Ramsgate, Margate, Vermillion Sands and Berlin with writing and reading connections. Most of our friends could not see why […]