Amazon Announces First Batch of Kindle Scout Titles

In October last year Amazon invited submissions and readers for its Kindle Scout crowdsourcing program. The reader-powered publishing platform has amassed 29,000 reading ‘scouts’ in recent months and yesterday it announced the first batch of ten titles to be published on March 3rd. Authors with successful submissions received a five-year contract, a $1,500 advance and 50% digital royalties, marketing services […]

E-Readers Vs. Print Books

Which is the More Eco-Friendly Choice? Reading just got a whole lot more complicated: Once confined to print materials, today’s readers now have a plethora of devices to choose from to get their literary fix. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, and e-readers are transforming the reading landscape. On the surface, this may seem like a good thing—the […]

Royalties: The Seduction of Self-Publishing

Royalties: in a publishing world where there are so many new and old business models, the word gets some serious abuse and misuse and can leave authors pretty confused. In the strictest sense, royalties or a royalty paid to an author is a percentage of revenue earned on book sales. Most traditional publishers pay royalties […]

Matador – Reviewed (Updated, Feb 2015)

Matador is the self-publishing imprint of Troubador Publishing, based in Leicester, England. Founded in 1990, Troubador is an independent publisher of both fiction and non-fiction, with a specialist list of books on business, communication and social justice, and Italian studies. The Matador imprint was launched in 1999 and it still remains one of the leading imprints […]

Author Solutions Partner Imprint Bites the Dust with the Closure of Harlequin’s DellArte Press

It was one of the early self-publishing service imprints to be launched by a major publisher in the USA. Back in November 2009, the launch of DellArte Press (Harlequin Horizons as it was then) — an imprint of romance publisher Harlequin — was operated under a partnership agreement with self-publishing service giant Author Solutions Inc. The launch of DellArte Press quickly […]

SFWA Clears the Way for Self-Published & Indie Author Membership

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has voted in favour of changing its bylaw which prevented self-published and small press authors from applying for active and associate membership in the organisation. A third of members of the SFWA participated in the vote which resulted in an overwhelming 6 to 1 majority. The result of the […]