Amazon Unlimited: Where to now, Columbus?

While the publishing industry is going into wind down this week for the holiday period, one news story caught my attention in recent days and for me hit the note 2014 is ending on.   Amazon Unlimited Earlier this month TIPM published its final Publishing Service Index and I noted that Amazon KDP had slipped from its number […]

Macmillan Agrees Multiyear Deal with Amazon and the Introduction of Subscription Services

Macmillan is now the third of the big five publishers to agree a multiyear deal with online retail giant Amazon. Macmillan CEO John Sargent revealed the news in a letter sent today to authors, agents and illustrators. The deal will cover the sales of both print and e-books and will commence from the first week of January 2015. […]

Writing and reading for pleasure – Part Seven (Advent Edition: Dec 8th – 24th | Douglas Burcham

Douglas Burcham completes his 2014 advent post.    Monday, December 8th – Use different points of view and tenses Ever since reading about Joe Lampton… “There wasn’t a damn thing I couldn’t do!” in John Braine’s Room at the Top, I have loved using the first person in my writing. I do this almost by […]

Writing and reading for pleasure – Part Seven (Advent Edition: Dec 1st – 7th) | Douglas Burcham

Douglas Burcham continues his series: How to write fiction – Part two. Back to writing and reading for pleasure. I cannot put off the content of this writing for pleasure post any longer. The nitty-gritty technical aspects have to be faced. In the previous posts in this series I have urged readers thinking about being […]

The Myths & Truths of Self-Published Books

If you visited the websites of many self-publishing service providers a few years ago, there was a common practice to cite folklore and myths about well-known authors who — we were informed — self-published one or more of their books with great success. It’s only in the past couple of years that this practice of citing such authors has become less commonplace. With more […]

Bookbaby Ends Free eBook Distribution

From today Bookbaby has repositioned itself in the author services market with the focus wholly on its conversion services, aggregated distribution partners and customer support. In essence, Bookbaby will no longer go head to head with competitors like Smashwords and Kobo by offering a free package for authors looking to get their books into retail channels. I thought […]

Writing and reading for pleasure – Part Seven (Preface) | Douglas Burcham

Douglas Burcham continues his series of articles on writing and reading for pleasure. We had agreed a deadline of 1st December for posting but I have accepted good hearty reasons for a delay as detailed in the following story as a preface to further deferred parts of his post later in the month.   Advent […]

Publishing Service Index: December 2014

This is the PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for December 2014. It is of course the last one this year. It reflects some review updates and author feedback over the past eight weeks. The most significant change is that Amazon KDP has slipped to third and also reflects the growing discontent self-published authors have with the introduction of Amazon Unlimited and recent communications […]