Selling e-Books in Europe Is About to Get a Lot More Complicated

Selling e-books into the European market is about to get a lot more complicated for retailers and publishers from the 1st of January, 2015. And when I say publishers, I include author-publishers selling e-books directly from their websites. The new European Union (EU) law comes into affect next year across all 28-member states and addresses […]

Self-Publishing in the United States 2008-13 | Report Analysis

Bowker is the leading provider of bibliographic information and management solutions for the publishing industry in the USA. Earlier this month Bowker released a detailed six-page report on self-publishing. The data presented in the report is based on counts of ISBNs registered in Bowker’s Books in Print database and published or distributed in the United States. The report, […]

Bestselling Self-Published Author Freethy Partners with Ingram Publishing Services

Bestselling self-published author Barbara Freethy has entered a partnership deal with Ingram Publishing Services (IPS) which will see her novels sold and distributed in print format worldwide to brick and mortar bookstores. Freethy is the author of 40+ contemporary romance novels with sales in excess of 4.8 million. She will self-publish the print titles under Hyde Street Press, […]

Writing and reading for pleasure – Part Five: Who for, Where and When to write | Douglas Burcham

[Douglas Burcham continues his series of articles on writing and reading for pleasure starting with a fantasy short story about yet another life of Henry Cross the main character in his fiction writing.] Henry watched the red sun slip down below the calm sea horizon from the balcony of his home on his island estate […]

Raider Publishing’s UK Operation Falls on Sword of ASA

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint it received about Green Shore Publishing, a paid-publishing service imprint of Raider Publishing International (RPI), and published the findings of its adjudicating council last week. RPI and it’s CEO and founder Adam Salviani were also the subject of a recent investigation by BBC Radio 4’s consumer rights programme, You & Yours. TIPM covered […]

The Future of Publishing 2020: Connect (or Be Damned) – Laura Fredericks | Guest Post

Not too many years ago, we all relied on bookstores and libraries for our books. Publishing, or what is now solely referred to as traditional publishing, was curated and prestigious. Gatekeepers made sure that every step of the way, from a writer’s manuscript to the printed book to the store shelves, only the best of […]