Raider Publishing International Founder Due to File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The saga of self-publishing service provider Raider Publishing International, and its owner and founder Adam Salviani, looks to be reaching an inevitable conclusion. Salviani, also an author, set up the company following his experiences self-publishing through PublishAmerica and Authorhouse. In hindsight, Salviani could and should have learnt a lot in those years about how self-published authors deserve to be treated. […]

Going Hybrid after Fifteen Years – Harry Bingham | Guest Post

I’m a traditionally published author, with a dozen or more books released over fifteen years. At one time or another, I’ve published with three of the current big 5 publishers, and also with Bloomsbury, a large British independent. If you count projects where I’ve had a major behind-the-scenes editorial/ghost-writing role, then you can add another […]

Xulon Press Launch Conservative Imprint Liberty Hill Publishing

Christian self-publishing service provider Xulon Press and Salem Communications has launched a new ‘politically conservative’ imprint called Liberty Hill Publishing. Conservative… Liberty… I know, I’m not sure I get the name either. Maybe I’m missing something. Xulon Press is owned by Salem Communications, an American radio broadcaster, content provider, magazine publisher and owner of traditional publisher […]

How to Avoid Self-Publishing Heartache – Kim Bookless | Guest Post

Authors come to me for help and guidance in self-publishing their manuscripts. I’m delighted to talk with them but, unfortunately, many of our conversations begin like this:   Author: “I wrote a book and I’m ready to self-publish it.” Me: “Great! Before we talk about the publishing process, let’s talk about your manuscript. What kind […]

I’m Not a Special Snowflake! | Roxana Robinson – Authors Guild

Broadcast on September 16th on Bloomberg TV, Roxana Robinson, president of the Authors Guild, and Bloomberg’s Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky, talk about the dispute between Hachette Book Group and Amazon over e-book pricing and distribution. Alas, Robinson’s rehearsed Douglas Preston lines like ‘a book is not like a brick’ and ‘don’t you call me a […]

Self-Publishing Experience Days: A Visit to CPI Antony Rowe UK

Douglas Burcham reports from a recent Self-Publishing Experience Day, which included a visit to CPI’s print and book manufacturing plant. On returning home from Chippenham last Wednesday I stopped at the WH Smiths kiosk at Reading station and felt pleased my first fiction best seller Gemini One had reached number two after my interviews on […]

The Bookseller UK Partner With Nook Press For Self-Published Title Showcase

The Bookseller magazine in the UK has partnered with Barnes & Noble’s self-publishing platform Nook Press to preview self-published titles in a sponsored review section called Independent Author Preview from October. This will be an exclusive program for Nook Press titles and is scheduled to run through to April 2015. The new feature is designed to preview books from indie-authors and provide […]

When Douglas Preston Put His Vest On | End The Sanctions

Over the weekend, Authors United published its latest letter in the media sideshow that seems to be accompanying the on-going and protracted negotiations between Amazon and big-five publisher Hachette. While Preston’s letter(s)—on behalf of more than a thousand Hachette and non-Hachette authors— become increasingly emotive, surreal and downright laughable and embarrassing, New York Times and Authors […]