Writing Postcards in Blood: The Economics of Community

Irish award-winning writer Julian Gough has decided to use crowdfunding for his forthcoming book in an unusual way. We are becoming used to some writers turning to crowdfunding sites like Pubslush, Authr, Unbound (crowdfunder and publisher), and of course one of the most familiar sites, Kickstarter—though Kickstarter is not specifically aimed at writers. However, Gough […]

Frankfurt Expands Self-Publishing Events for 2014 Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fairwill expand its programme of self-publishing events at this year’s fair in October. The move reflects the growing presence of self-publishing solutions companies, self-published authors and related seminars and discussions at international book fairs. This year Frankfurt will host a full two-day program sponsored by Nook Press, IngramSpark and Kobo. Authoright, a provider […]