Book Marketing Advice for Self Publishers [Infographic] | Discount Books Daily

A collection of some of the best book marketing advice for self publishers. The infographic comes via Discounts Books Daily. Click Read More for the infographic. Presented by Discount Books Daily Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant If you found this review or article helpful, but you’re still looking for a suitable self-publishing provider to fit […]

Smashwords: The Little Engine That Could

Smashwords, the e-book distributor and self-publishing platform, continues to expand its global reach with new retail partners, as well as subscription services and library channels. The company has already added Overdrive, the world’s largest library e-book platform and subscription services Oyster (last September) and Scribd (in February). Here is another deal inked with, a Germany e-retailer and reading […]

Publishing 101: The Publishers Weekly Introduction to Publishing and Self-Publishing | Book Review

Rachel Deahl is a journalist and news director at Publishers Weekly. She has just authored and published an e-book about the choices and paths facing writers when they have completed a manuscript; Publishing 101: The Publishers Weekly Introduction to Publishing and Self-Publishing. The book is intended to demystify the publishing process and offer writers a real-world take on what actually happens […]

Indepenpress Publishing UK Ceases Trading [Update and Company Response]

I’m reposting and updating this news article because it now contains a response from Indepenpress director, Lynn Ashman, which TIPM received today. Indepenpress Publishing Limited, one of the leading providers of publishing services to authors in the UK, has ceased trading. The independent publisher had been in operation since 1996 and housed a number of traditional, partnership […]

Publishing Service Index | June 2014

This is the PUBLISHING SERVICE INDEX for June 2014. This update reflects some review updates and author feedback over the past six weeks. CreateSpace and Amazon KDP once again swap places at the top. We recently reported some increased distribution options for Blurb authors (including Amazon Kindle and Ingram print and e-book). If there is positive feedback from authors over the coming weeks […]

Writing and reading for pleasure – Part 1: Why write? | Douglas Burcham | Guest Post

Douglas woke frightened in the night, sensing a grim reaper had left home, when would she arrive? … Could Douglas disappear? Part One: Why Write? Today is four years since I started to write fiction, well other than all the business reports I wrote before while at work. I suppose for up to five years […]