Blurb Introduce Kindle and Ingram Distribution

[Press Release] via Business Wire Blurb, the independent publishing platform, historically known for highly illustrated print and ebooks, today announced support for “reflowable” fiction/non-fiction titles for Amazon’s Kindle platform, as well as the ability for Blurb authors to sell these books in Amazon’s Kindle store. In addition to support for Kindle ebooks, Blurb has also […]

PW Launches BookLife | But Who Is Behind The Service Curtain?

Publishers Weekly, the US trade magazine for the publishing industry, will launch BookLife—a new website resource offering self-publishing authors ‘a number of services’—at Book Expo America next week. The BookLife website will go live on May 29th and currently has the tagline: ‘Support for INDIE AUTHORS from Publishers Weekly’. From PW today: BookLife’s editorial will focus on […]

Self-Publishing Experience Days: A Visit to CPI Antony Rowe UK | Douglas Burcham | Guest Post

Douglas Burcham reports from a recent Self-Publishing Experience Day, which included a visit to CPI’s print and book manufacturing plant. On returning home from Chippenham last Wednesday I stopped at the WH Smiths kiosk at Reading station and felt pleased my first fiction best seller Gemini One had reached number two after my interviews on BBC and […]

Traditional Publishers Knee-Deep in Publishing Services: 2009-2014 | Infographic

The following is a snapshot of how self-publishing services have become a part of the greater publishing industry over the past five years, complete with article and infographic. Feel free to link to the article and download the graphic. CLICK TO ENLARGE DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC A little over five years ago the suggestion that any large, trade publishing house—let alone even one […]